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Dish be damned: Sky Stream puck will transform your regular TV into a Sky Glass set

The full Sky TV experience via the magic of broadband

Sky streaming puck
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In a move that’s made sense for longer than we care to admit, Sky is finally releasing an internet-powered streaming device that offers the full Sky experience without the need for a pesky dish (or having to buy a new Sky Glass TV).

The Sky Stream puck was actually announced alongside the Sky Glass TV last year, but until now, could only be used as a multiroom-esque device to let existing subscribers bestow Sky to other TVs in their home.

This new announcement sees the Stream puck come into its own as a standalone device, letting you subscribe to the full-fat Sky experience without the hassle of sticking something on your roof or paying for a new TV that you don’t really need.

Whack the Stream puck into your existing telly and you’ll have full access to all the Sky channels you care to subscribe to, in addition to all the major streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and more.

Not only that, but you’ll also grace your TV with the same voice controlled powers found in Sky Glass, along with the same recommendation features to boot. Think an Amazon Fire Stick or Nvidia Shield device, except with a distinctive Sky flavour. Mmmm.

Supporting up to 4K 60fps streaming, the Stream puck will be available to snap up later this year, with no specific date announced as of yet. There’s no word on pricing either, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as we know the full details.